Brain Chain Answers and Cheats

Brain Chain Answers and Cheats for every set and level of the game? Do you spit rhymes than Jay-Z? If so, you’re going to absolutely love James Porter‘s Brain Chain. Brain Chain can be downloaded for free on all iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Does the puzzle have you tongue twisted? Fear not. You can find all of the Brain Chain answers and cheats right here.

brain chain answers

Brain Chain Answers and Cheats

From the minds behind Hollow Words and What’s The Movie comes Brain Chain. In this picture trivia game, you’ll need to decipher a series of riddling puzzles based on rhymes. Every level will give you a picture representing two words that may not necessarily belong together. From crocs and socks to lizards and wizards, you’ll need to solve every random paring of words. Up for the challenge? Remember, we’ve got your back with all the Brain Chain answers you need.

When you begin a level in Brain Chain, you’ll be given an image depicting two different words. The only thing these words have in common is their similar sounds. Using the given word bank, you’ll need to summon your inner Dr. Seuss to supply the correct chain of words. For example, you could be shown an image of a spooky ghost appearing from a toaster. There, you’ll find the answer is Ghost Toast. However, the answers will not always be that obvious as they get harder as the sets go on.

Luckily, you can use some of the in-game hints Brain Chain supplies you with. From removing letters to adding letters, you can spend earned coins to help you solve an answer. Heck you can even retrieve a funny hint from game as well as ask your friends on social media. But who wants to waste coins or pester friends? Instead, you can find all of your Brain Chain answers and cheats right here.

Brain Chain is a great game for you to showcase your alliteration and rhyming skills. However, even the greatest of poets and rappers would have trouble trying to figure out every puzzle in this game. So, in case you’re completely lost on a level, check in with us for all of your Brain Chain answers and needs.

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